IT Analyse as a Service

What is meant by analysis?

Frequently, we commence our customer engagements with an on-site audit. Consider it a comprehensive assessment of your organization’s IT and Digitalization landscape. Are you dedicating adequate attention to Digitalization?

What software resides within your organization? Is this software still pertinent? Are your current IT services enhancing efficiency or causing disruptions?

The analysis paints a clear picture of the current “AS IS” state, which serves as the foundation for defining the desired “TO BE” state.

Leveraging our expertise, we assist your company in formulating an IT vision and strategy.**

How is the analysis conducted?


Prior to the workshops, we have the client fill out a checklist. This gives us a good idea of where the SME or NPO stands today in terms of IT policy.


Next, a number of workshops are planned. Input from the checklist is important here. Workshops can be about vision & strategy, the IT landscape or around specific work processes. The agenda of the workshops is determined and agreed upon in advance.

Implementation plan:

As a result of the audit, an implementation proposal is developed. In addition to a summary of the workshops, this includes the biggest pain points and/or action points and a step-by-step plan with accompanying advice.